Mega Man X7 - Translation

Project Type: Translation (Korean to English)
Original Author: Twig
Twig's Translation Page

I've been looking at Mega (Rock) Man X7 for the PC which was only ever released in Korea. It may not be everyone's favourite X title and the PC version is not a great port but I was interested in playing it again. There is already a patch that translates this using PS2 files created by Twig, however the sounds are incomplete and the videos are only subtitled. I've also been looking at the sound clips in Twig's files and some of them are too high pitched.

So my first task was to go through and replace all sound clips that were not English and also make sure they correctly represented the file they were replacing. The sound pack is now finished and can be downloaded below. Next I went through all the CGI videos and replaced the audio with the English sound tracks ripped from the original PS2 videos. I then re-encoded the clips in Indeo 5 to match the original encoding.

The final part is the text itself, now Twig's patch for this is pretty much perfect. There is an issue with some slight text underlining but that happens even before the patch is applied so it is native to the game. Also the following issues exist:

The problem is with the files being replaced, I had a look at them and have identified the files which ones control which information as descibed below:

Any updates to the text patch is now on HOLD as I am totally at a loss as to how to edit the above file, I can open them in a HEX editor and that's about it... Unless someone a bit more knowledgeable can step in to make amendments we'll have to stay with Twig's text replacement patch. If anyone is able to help with the text please get in touch. I have copies of the file that need editing below.

Download keikoku_k.bin this is the english version but has PS2 warnngs about saving and loadin from the memory card.

Download st_sel_k.bin this is the english version containing text for the stage select screen but has the incorrect L1 \ R1 buttons.

Download init.kor this contains button graphics and also it seems to effect 'Yes', 'No' and difficulty settings.

All text errors can be seen here.

Download Mega Man X7 English Voice Patch v1.00
Extraction Password: gniteproductions

Download Mega Man X7 English CGI Videos Patch v1.00
Extraction Password: gniteproductions

Once you've download the self-extracting files, before launching them make sure you take a backup of your Mega Man X7 install directory, in case you want to go back to the original language files and CGI Clips (otherwise you will have to re-install the game). Launch either executable (the order doesn' matter) and point it to the folder where you have Mega Man X7 installed (the default location is normally C:\Program Files (x86)\RockmanX7\). Press extract and when prompted to overwrite files select 'Yes'. That's all there is to it.

Mega Man and related characters are copyrighted, by Capcom.