Mega Man X - Elf Wars

Project Type: Translation (Spanish to English)
Original Author: Jhaver Acridion
Spanish Version Trailer Page
English Version Trailer Page

So I've finally got round to translating this game. I'm a big fan of Mega Man X and I was disappointed that Capcom never officially bridged the gap between the X and Zero series. Well the original author decided to fill in the blanks. I so wanted the English speaking population to enjoy the game, so after getting permission from the author I set about translating it myself.

This was not an easy task as the text was stored in multiple .js files and there were graphics that had text in them too. I had one major delay along the way when the original author released a new version of the game with changes to the file structure. Thankfully I was only halfway through text insertion so not all my time was wasted. With the new file structure I to re-insert the translated text as well as translate some new graphics which were added.

While I was going through all the text and graphics files I found out that several additional things were planned for this game. I found several graphics and dialogues that didn't seem to make it into the final version of the game (or maybe they exist as secrets that I couldn't find?). One particularly interesting graphic shows a menu for generating cyber elves!

I tried to keep the translation as close as possible to the author's original text, making changes were some phrases or sayings didn't sound right when translated literally. I made a few additions, namely three to address, Vile reverting to his MK1 form, confirming what happened to Axl after the Mother Elf was born and tying one of the antagonists to earlier game events. One graphical change I did make was to remove the "9" from the loading screens. I've always though of this game as Mega Man X Elf Wars and not Mega Man X9. Plus this is now consistent with the title screen. Also this avoids renaming issues if a Mega Man X9 is ever released!

I've play tested as much as I physically and mentally can! All the text is done and so are the graphics, there may still be a few formatting issues... I probably won't work on this anymore unless there are major errors, and by that I mean text errors. I can't change the coding for the game itself!

That small extra side project I mentioned for this game is now done! It is a new music score for the game. While doing some research on the game during my translation I found a custom music pack that had been created for it. The pack changed several tracks, most noticeably all tracks that contained lyrics had been replaced. I then set about finding higher quality samples of existing tracks to add to the pack so I could then re-release it. I was able to find superiour versions of several songs but not all of them alas... Anyway the music pack is now available to download.

Download Mega Man X - Elf Wars v1.21 English
Extraction Password: gniteproductions

Download Mega Man X - Elf Wars Extra Music Pack

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