Here are several links that may be of interest.

Gnite Productions YouTube Channel - Custom videos showcasing my various projects (English)

Mega Man Wiki - A great source for all things Mega Man related (English)

The Mega Man Network - A great source for news on Mega Man (English)

TFW2005 - A great source for all your Transformer needs (English)

Sonic Retro - A great source for all things related to Sonic the Hedgehog (English)

Space Quest 4.5 - Official Site (English)

Sailor Moon Forum - Source for news, games, fanart and more (English)

Slayers Game Projects - Various Slayers games\ideas (English & Spanish)

RPG Maker Net - A source of many wonderful fan-made RPGs (English)

Warcraft 3 Italia - Custom Warcraft 3 Maps (Italian)