Hi all and welcome to my site, Gnite Productions. I have been involved in various small projects over the years and decided to have a place where they could all be easily accessed. I’ll be posting updates regularly adding all the various things I’ve worked on and once I’m all caught up at that point I'll add any news on any new projects I may be working on or other things I find interesting. Plus I now have a YouTube Channel so make sure you check it out. I'll be using it to showcase some of the projects I've worked on.

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Fan Dub Announcement

Late last year I was contacted Kid DSF Fox (he kindly did the voice-over for my Mega Man X4 video dubbing project) to see if I was interested in doing a Fan Dub of Final Fantasy VII: Last Order. I had quite a busy schedule but now I have some spare time I've decided to press on with the project and have officially started work on it. The script is all done I just need some voice actors to fill in certain roles, Head over to the current projects section to find out more and see what voice overs I still need.

News posted: 22nd January 2018       

AT Games Sega Megadrive \ Genesis Flashback Modification

Happy New Year to all, it's been a while, I can't seem to get any free time at the moment... Anyways a bit of a departure from my normal stuff, I purchased an AT Games Sega Flashback not too long ago and while it is an okay system it is missing some key games, so I went about changing that and wrote up a mini guide with all the resources I used as well as the problems I ran into and how to solve them. Head over to the misc section to find out more.

News posted: 15th January 2018       

Transformers Masterpiece Ratbat Custom Box Design Template.

Hi All, I've been quite busy lately hence the lack of updates or any new project work. I'm looking at doing a dubbing project soon if I can find the time. For now though just a small post on something I put together for the Masterpiece Ratbat figure I bought recently. I was tired of having the figure loose so I decided to make a box for it. I used an old box from a Keith's Fantasy Club Third Party figure to act as my base, I took the inner tray is from that too. You can see a video of the box here. If you like the template and want to use it just right-click here here to view or download.

News posted: 10th December 2017       

Mega Man X4 - Music, Sound Effects & Video Remix Pack Is Ready to Download!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I've been busy with other things and took a break from the scene for a while. But good news I'm back and thanks to the vocal talents of Kid DSF Fox I've been able to re-dub the last two remaining videos from Mega man X4. So what does this mean? It means the updated music, sound effects and video pack is now released! Head over to the completed projects section to download the files now!

News posted: 26th July 2017       

Mega Man X7 PC Koren Version - English Translation - Voice and CGI Video Patches are out!

I've finished work on the Voices and CGI clips patch for the game. Now all voice overs will be in English as well as in game cut scenes and CGI scenes as well. I've hit a problem concerning translating the text to English, I can get to the same level of compatibility as Twig's patch (essentially all text) except a few exceptions... More is explained on the project page which can be found in the current projects section.

News posted: 12th February 2017       

Mega Man X7 PC Koren Version - English Translation

I've started to take a look at Mega (Rock) Man X7 for the PC which was only ever released in Korea. It may not be everyone's favourite X title and the PC version is not a great port but I was interested in playing it again. Now there is already a patch that translates this using PS2 files but the sounds are incomplete and the videos are only subtitled. So as I have the original PS2 disc I'd thought I would try converting all the files and seeing if I could get all the sounds done, movies and the text. More details on the project can be found in the current projects section.

News posted: 26th January 2017       

Mega Man X4 - Music, Sound Effects & Movies Remix - Currently on Hold

So I've been a little inactive for a while but I'm back now with some updates and a new project. But first I'll update you on the teaser I placed on the site a while ago. I was intending on releasing a patch for Mega Man X4 (PC Version). This was a combination of various patches released by several authors and re-dubbed videos by some very talented people on YouTube. The project stalled as I was unable to find suitable replacement videos for X's ending and Zero's ending... These are the only two that are missing! If anyone can make any suggestions or is interested in dubbing these send me an email. For now the project is on hold you can find out more in the current projects section.

News posted: 9th January 2017       

Fairy Tail OVA Series Episode 07 - Fairies' Penalty Game English Subtitles are now ready!

I'm all done with the subtitle file, it's a .ass file which you can download and apply to the movie file. It's more a localisation as I've said before and includes clour coding to make it easier to identify who's speaking. Hopefully there are no typos! Head on over to the completed projects section, to grab yourself a copy.

News posted: 22nd October 2016       

Warcraft 2 Custom Maps - Oldies but Goodies

I found some old Warcraft 2 maps I made back in my youth, they are really hard, I'm not sure what I was thinking, tried to reply them and got thrashed completely. I've uploaded them here under the completed projects page in case anyone wants to try them, that is, if any one even plays single player Warcraft 2 anymore!

News posted: 2nd October 2016       

New Project - Fairy Tail OVA Series Episode 07 - Fairies' Penalty Game English Subtitles

So I’ve started on a new small side project, namely creating a set of English subtitles for the anime, Fairy Tail, specifically the OVA Episode 07 - Fairies' Penalty Game. I’ve seen a very good translation released on Youtube already but wanted to have an actual sub file so if I ever wanted to watch it offline with subs I could. Visit the current projects page for an additional information, no download available yet but it shouldn’t take me too long to complete!

News posted: 14th September 2016       

Mega Man X Elf Wars additional Music Pack!

As I alluded to in my last Mega Man X Elf Wars update, I was working on a small addition for it and her it is! I found a custom music pack that had been created for it. The pack changed several in game tracks. I decided to build on it by finding higher quality samples of existing tracks and repackaged them all together. I consider this project complete now so you can find the game and additional music downloads under the completed projects section.

News posted: 2nd July 2016       

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic now available to download!

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic was a fan game created by Hez. You can play as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles as they make their way through 8 levels as well as special stages. I found this to be a very fun Sonic game with good level design, controls and handling. As with all the other games in my misc section this is sadly no longer available to download (well not that I could find) so head over to the misc section to try it out.

News posted: 16th June 2016       

Cosmos Quest I and II now available to download!

Cosmos Quest I and II - To find a Sun are two interlinking games. They are part of a series of four adventure games created by Ilia Kinanev. I got a really strong feeling of being in a Space Quest game while playing this which is not a bad thing! The author's site has disappeared and all his games have gone with it. I had a copy of the first two games and i have uploaded them in the misc section for others to enjoy.

News posted: 16th June 2016       

Mega Man X Elf Wars translation Released!

That's right I'm finally finished! I've play tested as much as I physically and mentally can! All the text is done and so are the graphics, there may still be a few formatting issues... So what are you waiting for head over to the current projects for a download link and more details. You'll note I've left this in current projects as I have something else planned for this game in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

News posted: 12th June 2016       

Original Wormux Game Resurrected!

This game was created by Lawrence Azzoug Moy back in 2002. It follows the premise of "turn based attack games" where players would take turns to move troops across varying terrain and attack rival teams. I managed to find the original Wormux version (it was later renamed to Warmux) after it had just introduced the option of having CPU controlled opponents. This version is impossible to find now and the later Warmux is also quite hard to stumble upon. Head on over to the misc section to check it out.

News posted: 6th June 2016       

Mega Man X Elf Wars translation - Progress Update Part 2!

I've got a bit more free time to spend on this now so I'm looking to make some steady headway with this to try and get it complete as soon as possible. Instead of posting constant updates on the main page I've added a percentage tally to the project page showing how far along I am in all the major translation aspects. I aim to keep this updated weekly so check back regularly.

News posted: 2nd May 2016       

Gnite Productions YouTube Channel Launches!

I had to do some recordings for my latest translation piece to help me with the text formatting and that made come up with the idea of creating a YouTube channel. I thought I could use it to showcase the games I've worked on in the past and those I'm currently working on. Make sure you check it out here. Content is pretty sparse at the moment and it is just a bit of fun for now, but I promise it will grow if I get enough requests and it proves popular!

News posted: 1st May 2016       

Abandoned Mega Man 25th Anniversay Fan Game

This game was created by Team Reaverbot in conjunction with Mega Man's 25th Anniversary. It had the interesting premise of pitting classic Mega Man against the Bonnes from the Mega Man Legends series. The game only saw one short demo release and was never completed. The official site hosting the demo is gone taking the game with it so I've re-uploaded it here for people who may want to try it. Head on over to the misc section to check it out.

News posted: 28th April 2016       

Sailor Moon Anotehr Story II English Translation is now live!

This is probably the project I spent the most time on, working on it for around 2 years! I remember finding the original version of this game (it was in Italian only at the time) and giving it a go and thinking it was such a shame it couldn't be enjoyed by enlgish speakers. Hence my translation project was born. Well it went a bit beyond just translating the game to expanding it, fixing bugs and adding new characters. Check out the completed projects section for the full details and download links.

News posted: 16th April 2016       

Mega Man X Elf Wars translation - Progress Update!

Okay so I'm finally happy with the website (mostly) so I went back to trying to translate this fun fan game. All the text is done! But I have to do formatting and test each scene which will take forever and now there is also a new version so I will have to see what has changed! You can check my progress in the current projects section. I'll be working on this on and off so updates may be a little erratic.

News posted: 2nd April 2016       

Super Nintendo - Custom Game Boxes

While this little project was not strictly a game itself it did involve gaming. Do you remember how annoying it was when your beloved Super Nintendo game boxes would degrade over time? Then you would also have custom re-production cartridges that just came loose with no box. The solution? Crete your own, and that’s just what I did. Head on over to the misc section for more details and download links.

News posted: 30th March 2016       

Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack

Rockman R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack was an unofficially released Mega Man for the PC by Capricorn. In this Roll plays the hero and has to save Megaman. I attempted a translation of this ages ago by trying to dismantle the executable, but I did'ot get very far. If someone has the skills to amend this game get in touch I can hunt out my old translation of the script. The original version can be found in the misc section.

News posted: 30th March 2016       

Slayers RPG - Ruby Eyes Shabranigdo

I've always been a big Slayers fan, and I found it strange that a series like this one that lends itself so well to a RPG style game hasn’t had many fan games at all! In fact I could only find one, that was until I came across this fine effort made in RPG Maker VX by Len Inverse. This was another translation project for me. Alas the author has become too busy to continue so I can only offer up a short demo. But you never know he may start it up again some day! Check out the completed projects section for more details and download links.

News posted: 22nd March 2016       

Sailor Moon BOR Games Now Available

I’ve uploaded four different Sailor Moon games created with the Beats of Rage (BOR), engine which re-create the side scrolling beat'em ups of the late 90s. This series was crated by KungPow Productions (Destiny Revival). But it seems their website has disappeared, taking the games with them. I’ve resurrected them so other can still enjoy them, check out the misc section for more details and download links.

News posted: 22nd March 2016       

Transformers - RPG Maker Game

This isn't one of my projects but something I consider quite rare, yes the author, Chris Leder, actually made a Transformers game using RPG Maker 2000. This is not your typical RPG, rather it uses the engine to create an action shooter/exploration game. I found this a while ago but now it seems to have disappeared off the internet, hence why I've decided to give it a new home here. Check out the misc section for more details and download links.

News posted: 14th March 2016       

Slayers Warcraft 3 Map - Defend Saillune

This was quite a recent and small side project. I was put in touch with the author of the map through someone I had done previous translation work for. The models used are amazing and rally capture the spirit of the Slayer characters. I had some experience with the Warcraft 3 editor so it wasn’t too hard to translate, it just took a while. Check out the completed projects section for more details and download links.

News posted: 12th March 2016       

Space Quest 4.5: The Voyage Home

This was one of my first significant projects from back in the day when I was trying my hand at various different voiceover roles. The author was pleased with my samples and I ended up providing the voices of various different characters. It was also the debut of my “Soundwave” like voice using a vocoder. Check out the completed projects section for more details and download links.

News posted: 4th March 2016       

Website Launches!

First news post, the site launches (obviously if you are reading this). I’ll be adding new posts as I manage to get pages created for all my projects. Enjoy browsing the site and if you notice any broken links or have any suggestions for the site let me know via email. Thanks!

News posted: 1st March 2016